Yumbah Canned Abalone

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Canned in Flavored Sauce

  • Sustainably farmed from the pristine water of Southern Australia
  • Processed from live to preserve freshness
  • Ready to eat in soy flavored sauce
  • Champion at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2019
  • Rated "BEST CHOICE” Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List
  • 15oz can, total net weight 425g
  • Each can contains 140g of Yumbah abalone meat, totaling 6 abalone pieces
  • Haliotis species
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BMS, which stands for "Beef Marbling Scale," is used to grade the quality of beef. Wagyu's immense tenderness comes from its marbling which is seen through the amount of white fatty stripes in the meat. The Australian grading scale ranges from BMS 1-9, with 1 being the least marbled and 9 being the most marbled.

The beef is also graded the following categories:

  • Meat Color
  • Marbling
  • Fat Depth
  • Carcass Weight
  • Maturity
  • PH

The lowest score given to any of these categories is the grade of the meat. In comparison, a regular Angus steak is usually a BMS 1-2. BMS scores of 8+ signify the highest quality of meat, comparable to the A5 steaks of Japan. 


How does our grading system work?

On our website, you'll see the labels "Red, Silver, Gold" and you might be confused to what those are. We have created 3 grading scales for our wagyu:


Red: BMS 4-5

Our economy grade wagyu. Delicious and affordable.





Silver: BMS 6-7

This is one we recommend! The marbling is amazing and the most bang for your buck.





Gold: BMS 8+

This is the equivalent to a Japanese A5 Wagyu. The richest and most marbled piece of steak.