Wagyu Grading Comparison

Washugyu is graded using the grading system developed by Super Prime Beef, Inc. that evaluates the distribution of marbling.
Washugyu grading experts attend the packing facility to grade carcasses as either SPB 10+, SPB 8-9, SPB 7 and below as per the SPB Grading System (which can be seen below). Washugyu grade 99.99% USDA PRIME or higher. Our Washugyu beef are minimum SPB 8-9.

Australian Wagyu is graded on a scale ranging from 1-9, 9 being the highest and most marbled. A BMS 8-9 is considered equal to that of a Japanese A5. 

Japanese Wagyu is graded also on the BMS scale, however it ranges from 1-12, unlike the Australian which ranges from 1-9. All of our Japanese Wagyu Steaks are minimum A5, and we don't serve anything less than perfect.