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“Simply prefect! The A5 Miyazaki Rib eye was a fantastic experience. Melt in your mouth with intense flavor. Used this cut to introduce my friends to Japanese A5 Wagyu and they where amazed. Fast shipping! This is my new go to when ordering A5 Wagyu. Definitely buying again soon!”

-Ryan W.


“The most flavorful, tender, and juicy steak I’ve ever had! The steak arrived cold and very nicely packaged. It came with a Certificate of Authenticity which added to the experience. Will definitely be ordering again!”

-Joe B.


“What a great company with very friendly and knowledgable owner. Received my order next day along with tips on how to prepare. It was fan fricken tastic and will be back again and again. Dont hesitate.”

-Jeff L.

We believe that enjoying steaks is just as much about finding the right steak as it is actually eating them.

We’ll educate you on the different regions, cuts, and ratings so you can find and enjoy the absolute perfect steak!

What is Wagyu and why is it so special?

Wagyu Cows are the only livestock in the world that metabolizes fat internally, integrating within the muscle. This is what causes the marbling and fat to run through the steak, and not just on the outside. The result is a rich cut of steak that melts once it hits your tongue.