Japanese Wagyu Ribeye

Japanese Wagyu Ribeye
Japanese Wagyu Ribeye
Japanese Wagyu Ribeye

Japanese Wagyu Ribeye

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Features & Specs
  • The World’s #1 Steak.
  • Graded A5 which is the highest grade given only to the finest beef.
  • Best Wagyu in Japan.
  • Wagyu cattle are raised with special care and husbandry for more than 30 months.
  • Fed for over 600 days on a special diet including wheat, rice, corn, barley and other wholesome foods.
  • Certified free from hormones, growth promotants and GMOs.

Japanase Wagyu

There is no crossbreeding among Japanese Wagyu cattle, making them 100% fullblood Wagyu. These cattles are fed longer for 600 days or more making Japanese Wagyu more tender and larger in size. With a distinct sweet flavor, Japanese Wagyu is world famous for their high levels and quality of marbling.


Miyazaki Wagyu cows are raised on a wholesome diet of corn, wheat, and barley for more than 600 days. Its beef is easily recognized by its rich cherry color, buttery texture, and dense beefy flavor. It has won the Prime Minister’s Award for excellence for the third consecutive time and successive 1st place awards in the 9th and 10th Japanese National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu.


These cattle were raised in a warm tropical island environment with sufficient sun and natural surroundings. This beef can be described as finely textured, tender, full-bodied with well-balanced fat marbling. Kagoshima won the most recent Japanese Wagyu Olympics in 2017.


These cattle are born and raised in a low temperature climate with snowy mountains and beautiful nature. While still ultimately rich in flavor, its flavor is best described as being more delicate and sweeter than Kagoshima and Miyazaki peers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Steven Elliott
Yes Please!

Superb cut of meat. Actual legitimate A5 Wagyu. I made one steak, and cut off a 4oz portion for my wife (That's all she wanted) I ate the other 12oz portion and drooled for the rest of the night. It is so rich and so decadent that I won't eat more that 6-8 oz at a sitting from here on out. The experience of doing this at home is awesome!

Alvin Mamuyac

First trying to cook Japanese Wagyu Ribeye. It was amazing! Melt in your mouth amazing! Wife loved it. Will start ordering more on a regular basis.

Kevin Stanton
Exceptional steak!n

This made a perfect Christmas gift for a friend of mine.

Masa Lo
Great business, products and service!

We ordered the Platinum Bundle and two Miyazaki A5 16oz Ribeyes. All the steaks were delicious! We compared their prices with many others and Wagyu Prime offered the best price to weight and quality we could find. The shipping and delivery was extremely fast. We live in Wisconsin and they are located in California but our shipment arrived exactly one day after placing our order. We did have an issue with our order after receiving it. However, I reached out to them via email on a Saturday (they're closed on the weekends) and I still received a prompt response and they resolved my issue right away. My only suggestion is I hope they add more variety down the road as others don't seem to offer as many cuts or Wagyu from other regions as their competitors. However, I think that may be due to the fact that they've only been operating for a little over a year or so. I'd like to believe that if they continue down the path they're going they will continue to grow thrive and find even more success. I'm definitely a fan and will definitely order from them the next time we want our Wagyu fix!

Brandon Ware
Amazing experience

Throughly enjoyed each cut, family had a great dinner experience with such a high quality cut of beef.