What is Wagyu?

     What is Wagyu and makes it stand out from any regular steak? Let’s break it down. ‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow. As a whole, Wagyu refers to all various breeds of Japanese cattle. Growingly popular and made famous from the Kobe region of Japan, Wagyu beef is highly marbleized and is considered a delicacy. Typically sold by the ounce, Japanese A5 Wagyu are thinly sliced and eaten in small portions. The production methods to create Wagyu result in tiny flakes of marbling throughout every cut. Because the USDA grading scale cannot offer a precise marbling score, Japanese BMS (Beef Marbling Standards) is used to grade the immense marbling of Wagyu beef. From the eye-grasping marbling, the fat helps produces a juicy, delicate beefy flavor with a velvety, tender texture.