Japanese vs American vs Australian Wagyu

     Summer grilling season is here! Enjoy our premium Wagyu that is perfect for any indoor/outdoor cooking. Perfect to cook on an iron-cast skillet, try out any of our Japanese A5 Wagyu. However, if you are looking to grill and share with your family and friends, we highly recommend you to try out our American and Australian Wagyu for these events. All the fatty marbling and flavors of a Japanese Steak, but rich, tender, and meaty for an appetizing afternoon! 

     Quick Cooking Tip: We love the reverse-sear method for any of our Australian/American Wagyu! After seasoning it with just some salt and pepper, you can either place the steak in the oven or sous-vide it first, then finish it off by grilling it. No additional oil or butter is needed as Wagyu is naturally high in fat content! However, we do recommend coating the grill/pan with some butter or oil to prevent any sticking. Happy Grilling!