Japanese A5 Satsuma Wagyu

     Satsuma Wagyu is raised in the Minami Satsuma Valley in Kagoshima, Japan. A small group of 12 Master Wagyu Farmers created this brand and through joint research with Rice Farmers, cultivated the best rice to grow and where the plants are most nutritious for the cattle. Grain-fed for over 650 days, cattle are raised in a comfortable family farm environment with no additional growth hormones or implants, as well as an abundance of care. 

     Compared to other A5 Wagyu, the taste of Satsuma is meatier and very similar to the standard Kagoshima Wagyu. The biggest difference between the Kagoshima and Satsuma is the diet of the cattle, and side by side you will be able to taste the subtle differences between the two. 

     If you need a recipe on how to cook this bad boy, stay tuned to our IG TV on a super simple and delicious way of making this steak!