Japanese A5 Hokkaido Wagyu

     Product of Japan, Hokkaido (Snow Beef) Wagyu has many defining characteristics that allow us to savor its wonderful taste. Starting from its location, Hokkaido, Japan (northernmost island) is rich. Providing fresh water and air to its low temperature, it is the perfect climate for calves. This allows the beef to be extremely tender and super juicy! On top of that, the eye-grasping marbling, as well as its vibrant color and mouth-watering texture, are just some of the reasons why the Hokkaido is the highest quality of Wagyu. As it contains various proteins, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, it is also a fairly healthy option. With a BMS of 8-12 and a certification of authenticity, it is all the more reasons why you should give it a try! Come try it out, it might just be for you!