Difference Between Types of Wagyu Breeding Grade

     When people talk about “Wagyu”, it is often associated with “marbling” or “grading”. But what do all the different numbers mean? A quick tip: the higher the number, the better the characteristics it has! With only a few thousand in the country, Fullblood Wagyu must be DNA-Certified (blood/hair sample test) to be authenticated as Japanese Wagyu to maintain the integrity of pure genetics. Most common in the U.S., F1 Wagyu is ideal because it can breed with one of the numerous species to enhance their marbling & flavor. When crossbreeding full blood and Wagyu F1, F2 Wagyu is produced, creating more of an intense flavor and marbling than F1. The same applies when F3 Wagyu are produced, crossbreeding full blood and F2 Wagyu, and F4 Wagyu, when crossbreeding full blood and F3 Wagyu. This is not common in the U.S. To simplify this, the higher the BMS is, the more full blood the Wagyu is!