Deconstructed Katsu Sando

A simple, yet extravagant appetizer made with our
Japanese A5 Miyazaki Ribeye Wagyu!


  • Japanese A5 Miyazaki Ribeye Wagyu
  • Melted butter
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • 1 slice of white bread,
  • Thinly sliced red & green jalapenos peppers
  • Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes (any type of salt)
  • A teaspoon of Caviar


  1. Cut the Japanese A5 Miyazaki Ribeye Wagyu into a rectangular shape (roughly 1 by 2 inches).
  2. Lightly season both sides with salt and pepper. 
  3. Now cut a bit of the wagyu fat, have the heat set on high, and use the fat to grease up our skillet. 
  4. We are going to quickly sear each side for 30 seconds to a minute and let it rest to the side.
  5. Next, we’re going to take some melted butter and brush it onto both sides of the bread. This is going to give the sandwich that crunch later on.
  6. Toast your bread on the skillet for around 20 seconds on each side. or until it is crispy golden brown.
  7. Now let’s cut the crust! You don’t want any of the hard edges to affect the taste of your sando. 
  8. Drizzle some of that teriyaki sauce on, thinly slice your wagyu for an easier bite. 
  9. sprinkle some sea salt flakes on top, add a little more teriyaki sauce and put some caviar on top.
  10. If you want to add a little kick to your sando, finish it off with red and green jalapenos.

     In this video, we used the cap of the Ribeye since it is the best part! This recipe requires very few ingredients for each sando, and you can make approximately 8 with 1 piece of Wagyu. It is the perfect appetizer to share. All of that juicy savory flavor from the steak will soak right into your bread. If you want to impress with something delicious, definitely give this recipe a try!