Australian Red Bone-In Striploin Wagyu

     One of the beefiest cuts, this Wagyu red bone-in striploin cut is the perfect middle ground between the tenderloin and ribeye steak! The main difference between a striploin and ribeye cut is that the striploin contains a more even distribution of marbling throughout the cut. Just like the boneless striploin steaks, this cut offers a wonderful and exquisite balance of tenderness and flavor. Also known as the ‘New York Strip’, the bone-in steakhouse cut is typically selected since the bone takes on a gorgeous color and frames the steak excellently. The bone also helps insulate the meat closest to it, making it abundantly more flavorful and juicier than the boneless striploin steaks. This cut is often served with marvelous sauces, but it also has immense amounts of flavor that it can also be served seasoned simply with salt and pepper.