American vs Japanese Wagyu

     What is the difference between American and Japanese Wagyu? In addition to looser scoring/rating grading and various cattle-farming techniques and environments, the biggest difference between these two breeds is that Japanese Wagyu is purebred, while American Wagyu is crossbred. Bred with Angus cattle, American Wagyu is difficult to pinpoint, control, and regulate a specified percentage of purebred DNA. It does not have the same sweet, umami flavor that Japanese Wagyu does and it never quite reaches the same melt-in-your-mouth experience from the intense marbling. However, that does not mean it still isn’t delicious! Wildly marbled with exceptional flavor, it packs a similar beefy flavor that Americans enjoy from any Angus steak and you can devour more of it. On the other hand, Japanese Wagyu is outstandingly rich and fatty. Considered a delicacy, many cannot eat more than a few bites before it becomes overwhelming. There is not much of a beefy taste, but more of a sweet umami flavor that melts right in your mouth. If you are in the mood for a giant steak dinner, we recommend you to try out the American Wagyu! But if you are looking for something different, try out any Japanese Wagyu as it is quite unique! If you have the opportunity, try different types of Wagyu from different countries and you will surely appreciate it more than just being expensive.