Australian T-Bone Wagyu

     Originated in Australia, the Australian T-Bone Wagyu consists of a larger portion of the striploin and a smaller portion of the filet mignon. Separated by a T-shaped bone, it surely is a two-steaks-in one cut! Remember, this is a Wagyu cut! It will doubtlessly have a more mouthwatering flavor, buttery tenderness, and moisture than any store-bought cut! Coming from an Australian breed of cattle crossbred and descended from Japanese herds, they were specially raised to increase their percentage of high levels of marbling. More marbling means more flavor, tenderness, and moisture as soon as the fat melts during the cooking process.

     For a perfect medium-rare, sear each side for a short amount of time on medium-high heat until they are golden-brown crust and soft, tender center. A touch of salt or pepper and you’re ready to dig in! Don’t go too crazy on the flavoring, let the aromatic Wagyu speak for itself!