What is Washugyu? - American Wagyu

Washugyu is made in the USA by Japanese Wagyu experts using only consciously selected ingredients.

Washugyu is produced by using a custom Japanese cross-breeding program.
Our cross-breeding system carefully selects superior genetic traits (Tajima Wagyu sires) and cross breeds them with the finest Black Angus females. They are raised on a strict feeding program originating from Japan that promotes marbling deposition using the highest quality feed available. We achieved this by recruiting one of the most experienced Japanese Wagyu Breeder/Feeder, a man with decades of experience and knowledge, who has come over to the U.S. to develop and monitor our Wagyu breeding and feeding programs.

Since the breeding, feeding and rearing of Wagyu cattle is a closely guarded secret -even in Japan- this knowledge has not been available in the United States until now. Using this knowledge, and superior feeding programs, we produce a superior product. Beef with marbling and flavor that surpasses any other domestically-produced Wagyu beef currently available in the United States. Unlike U.S. domestic beef, 99.99% of our Wagyu Beef is graded USDA PRIME or Higher.

Washugyu has a harvest period of approximately 27 months to 35 months.
The Washugyu cattle are on this feeding program about for 30 months; far longer than most domestic cattle in the U.S. as greater maturity translates to more flavorful and better marbleized beef.

Washugyu is harvested at approximately 27 months to 35 months of age.
The Washugyu cattle are fed for approximately 30 months; far longer than most domestic cattle in the U.S. as greater maturity in Wagyu cattle translates to beef with more flavor and marbling.
As you can see in the figure below, Washugyu feeds for longer U.S. Beef or U.S. Wagyu.