Australian Wagyu Striploin

Australian Wagyu Striploin

Australian Wagyu Striploin

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  • Sustainably family farmed in Darling Downs, Queensland Australia.
  • Certified free from hormones, growth promotants and GMOs.
  • Grass fed, then finished on a minimum of 400 days on white grain.
  • Winner of the World Steak Challenge.
  • Winner of the Triple Crown Steak Challenge.

Australian Wagyu

Australia’s soils, grasses, and climate differ naturally from Japan’s, and the cattle are fed over 400 days instead of 600 days. Australian Wagyu originated from purebred, crossbred, and fullblood cattle, and they all possess significant amounts of muscular fat.

What is The BMS Scale?

BMS, which stands for "Beef Marbling Scale," is used to grade the quality of beef. The Australian grading scale ranges from BMS 1-9, with 1 being the least marbled and 9 being the most marbled. Other quality categories are taken into account as well and the lowest of all scores is the grade of the meat.

We’ve labeled all our AUS steaks into 3 grading scales:


BMS 4-5 - This is our economy grade wagyu. Delicious and affordable.


BMS 6-7 - The marbling is amazing and is the best bang for your buck…or well, cow ;)


BMS 8+ - Equivalent to a Japanese A5 Wagyu. The richest and most marbled piece of steak.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joan Childers
Great Steak

Arrived in two days which was good. The steaks were the real deal. I have purchased Wagyu from other purveyors but none have the quality of these melt in your mouth steaks! Expensive but worth it on special occasions.

William Baumbeck
Don't Let the Lower BMS Number Fool You

Tonight I fixed an Australian 20oz Waygu Striploin Gold Grade BMS 8+ steak and it came out perfect! My wife and I aren't real big fans of the traditional Japanese A5 wagyu steaks because of the higher fat content. The Australian waygu beef is a perfect compromise!

Placed a cast iron skillet into the oven preheated to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Removed the skillet, placed the Waygu in the cast iron skillet and inserted back into the oven and 'cooked' to an internal temp of 115 degrees. Removed skillet from oven, placed skillet on stove-top, turned up the heat to the highest setting, added a 1/4 stick of butter, and started basting the steak until an internal temp of 155 degrees was reached (on a 1 1/2" steak - medium). Removed from skillet, let sit for five minutes and enjoy. A light sprinkle of Olsson's premium sea salt flakes (also available from this vendor) really add that extra something to the meat.

Accompanied by a six Spanish/pimento olive vodka martini on the rocks.

Give the Australian waygu a try!

Ibrar Khan

1st time trying came out great

Ian Campbell
Great quality strip

I like strip steak for Wagyu particularly as the BMS starts to get higher and you have a lot of intra muscular fat content. These are good quality and compare favorably with a lot of the best available online.

Happy Birthday To Me!

I have a funny tradition of eating a steak on my Spartan Race medal for my birthday. This year was a real treat. This was an excellent piece of steak. It cut like butter and it melted deliciously in my mouth. 125F for 1 hour in the sous vide and then finished off on cast iron with some butter. It was so good I didn’t want it to end. Wish I can have another one right now.